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Solar Electric Types and Videos


SolarEdge Power Optimization System Overview



The SolarEdge system is the most efficient, highest energy producing solar system available today. Grid tied photovoltaic technology has taken a huge step forward with power optimization systems, introduced and perfected by the technical team at SolarEdge over the last decade.
If you are a newcomer to solar technology, the video on the left may not be fully comprehensible in some of its more technical parts. No biggie: you have consultants from Ozark Solar to answer any questions & give you professional advice on system design and implementation.

Also, the SolarEdge system is just one of several different types of photovoltaic systems that Ozark Solar markets and installs for our customers. Off-grid, microinverter, string inverter, & off-grid boat dock lighting are just some of the available choices for our present and future customers.

Rest assured that an Ozark Solar professional solar consultant will be available for you every step during your decision making process, as you move towards your more energy independent future.


Solar Thermal or Solar Hot Water



Three minute demonstration on how solar hot water works for domestic hot water.



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