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Would you like an alternative to the high cost of electricity, natural gas and propane? Donít you wish you had even a small portion of the money you have paid the utility companies over the years?

You have the opportunity to take advantage of the sunís free energy, and earn a Federal tax credit in the bargain. Solar electric panels are at their lowest cost in decades.

There is no better time to own a portion of your own utility company. Decades from now, you will be able to look at your solar system and look back on the thousands of dollars that you put in your pocket instead of utility company profits.

The cost of electricity and other carbon based fuels will not go down, but the money you save and invest in your own future will continue to grow.

Call John Gerrard at Ozark Solar (479)-422-7037 for more details and a free solar consultation. Start now, by investing in a better tomorrow for yourself, your family and future generations.


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